Head On Control

Kid in a candy store!

My first album to use sequencer and keyboard technology. Although it still contains many musical ideas that display my R'n'B/Rock roots. First release was 1995.

It sounds a little nieve now but has some great riffs and beats. Indeed, some real 'golden' moments. When I got DJ Fran to play the promotion single, 'Oboe Rolo' at local club The Warehouse, the mix sounded awesome!

Most importantly it kept the people 'out on the floor' Happy as Larry. Originally only available on Cassette Tape.

10 stompin' tracks / 50 mins. (Cat.F8001) 1996

Sensuous, inspiring,

A space in which to dream. This album is rather special to me as it opened my ears to a new set of beats and new ways to approach what you write/play.

'Pure Dubbists' would probably hate it because it's fused with classical and funk influences. You can only try what you've got an' if it works, it works! "Sunny afternoon and a long cool drink anyone?"

A combination album that uses both traditional recording methods as well as sequencers, keyboards and drum machines. The 'live' stuff being guitars/basses and the occasional percussion track.

10 tracks / 50 mins. (Cat.J5003) 1997

Technical Fantasy

A programming 'tour de force', probably the most 'human' I've managed to make machines sound.

It is the last of my hardware sequencer compositions. Can't say I'm sorry to see the last of all that FSK, SPP, SMPTE and timing glitches.

10 'inspiring' tracks / 50 mins. (Cat.J7005) 1998

Bangin' choons with a dub flavor.

Exquisite springs to mind!

[Re Mastered] 8 tracks / 40 mins (Cat.J9004b) [1999 - org] 2001 re-mix

AH! the passage of time

This album represents both a compilation of singles and a 'potted history' of 'nash so far'.

Many of the mp3 singles that have appeared on the website over the last two years are also represented.

11 tracks / 55 mins (Cat.M0015) 2002

"Who loves 'phat' flange?"

My first 'all in one PC' album. Here's to many more to come.

7 tracks / 40 mins (Cat.M0028) 2002

I like it. I do think it's good

Just a small quote from King Crimson but very appropriate. I've truely enjoyed putting this album together. While continuing to build on the wealth of techniques gained while making Metamorphic Soul, Calling Out Your Name also sees a return, in part, to a more melodic style.

11 tracks / 50 mins (Cat.N0016) 2003

The Dark & The Light

This album Sees a return to some of the melodic ideas within Dub Love. Much more guitar work here though.

11 tracks / 50 mins (Cat.U12008) 2009

Brief Format

Brief Format

Its been 'a child of some difficult birth' ((! That photograph took two weeks to spot and repair !!) but it's out here.

Continuing the melodic presence of albums such as 'Dub Love' and 'The Dark & The Light', 'Brief Format' is a continuing dialogue with "real instruments".

Somewhat of a misnoma these days as an electronic piano is as much a 'real instrument' as any guitar, horn, fiddle or drum ever was! IS!

Nine tracks only hence the name 'Brief Format' however the irony is that it contains some of the lengthyest melodies I have released.

If follows on the thoughts of an artwork piece I made some years ago called 'Era/Error' depicting the fall of the sixties obsession with building highrise social housing. It also reflects on the likes of 'Le Corbusier' and 'The Bauhus' where 'form meets function'. Fully Digital Recording

9 tracks / 48 mins (Cat.V7001) 2010