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Head On Control - Album 1996

Dub Love - Album 1997

Technical Fantasy - Album 1998

Metamorphic Soul - Album 2002

Calling Out Your Name - Album 2003

The Dark And The Light - Album 2009

Brief Format - Album 2010

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Touchin' The Line

Dark Matters

Rants, Pants And Cruel Worlds

Conversational English

Conversational English Lyrics

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these four pieces are only here for december so not so long to go. they are fully intended for DJs to use as 'spin in' elements
or they can be looped at serveral points to form backdrops. they will also work from 120~135 bpm. these are not intended as 'wholistic songs'.

and here comes the point i'm trying to make. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES can you use any of this track because it's made from pre recorded loops which hold an owners copyright. in this instance it's Magix Software company who now own ACID software [formally SONY corp]. these are the free loops included and even these have re-seller and professional use restrictions.

EVERYTHING on my site apart from this one track, with the exception of the 'Bonus Projects' below is made with MIDI hardware + sounds from the various virtual instruments. my problem is, when is a preset really no different to sample loop? what qualifies work as original and therefore copyrightable if it's made with 3rd party loops or preset arpeggios? coz - the most sucsessful sounds from the TB303 are mostly it's presets adjusted with a bit of filter modulation.

when you buy a piece of equipment you exchange a contract with that manufacturer that you do not sample and 're-sell' the sounds and presets included in the instrument. [drum box, groove box, keyboard]. now i wonder just how many of the folks currently selling sample loop libraries 'get that'? see any yamaha, roland, korg manual terms and conditions, somewhere near the safety instructions usually.

if you cannot access youtube or google drive content get the 'bulk' Keith Nash Archives here

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